Travel Tips

Planning a trip is the most stressing things in life especially where there is less travel information to guide you. If you are planning any trip to Rwanda, there is no need for you to be stressed as you prepare to catch a glimpse of the world star attraction-the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Safaris to the remarkable Rwanda doesn’t discriminate visitors anyway who are willing to come for wildlife viewing, breathtaking hiking adventures or cultural encounters. If you are planning your trips, expect more than the rare mountain gorillas in Rwanda; you can catch a glimpse of spectacular sceneries, culture, historical monuments, ideal climatic conditions and warm welcoming people. All these will make up that amazing moments and your travel endeavors will be greatly rewarded with a variety of experiences as there is a lot in offer for you to choose from.

Below are some of the travel tips to enable you to enjoy your wonderful stay in these destinations. You stand to choose to travel to Uganda or Rwanda in any of categories, without considerably looking at your origin.

Packing list

For the first travelers, you can start your packing with essential items, while focusing on the reason you are traveling Rwanda, and you will also direct you on the size of the suitcase to carry. For gorilla trekking, you will need rain jacket, waterproof hiking boots, long sleeved shirts/T-shirts, insect repellents, camera, binoculars, day pack, gardening gloves and many more.

What you should bear in mind before traveling to Rwanda

For any safaris to Rwanda, you certainly need to be well prepared, organized and above all make the best choice of Travel Company that will make you realize your dreams. For current information Rwanda right from range of national parks, tourist attractions, activities, accommodation facilities, gorilla trekking and cost of gorilla permits. For more information you can access this information from some of the available local newspapers, watch national geographic films and one of the most important of all is when you watch or watched the Gorillas in the Mist.

Practice gorilla etiquette

While on gorilla safaris in Rwanda, you need to keep in mind some of the rules and regulations of gorilla trekking; don’t stare straight into gorillas eyes, maintain silence at all times but feel free to ask the guide questions, keep a distance of 8 metres away from the apes, don’t smoke or eat in the forest, in case of cough or flu, turn your head away or simply don’t go for gorilla trekking if you are sick, don’t use cameras with flashlights.

Best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking

For lifetime experiences in Rwanda, you can visit the Volcanoes National Park during the dry season. This starts from June to September and from December to February and this is also considered as the peak season for gorilla trekking. However, gorilla trekking can also be conducted during the wet season which takes place in March, April and November and this is usually the low season.

Why visit Rwanda?

You have a million reasons to visit Rwanda. For unforgettable experiences, visit the Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park and others. Mountain gorillas are star attractions in Rwanda and in addition, you can also pay a visit to one of the historical sites, the Kigali Genocide Memorial center as well as Hotel Rwanda one of the most exceptional Intore Dancer that are uniquely different from the rest of Africa.

Money tips

Rwanda is cash based economy with the Rwanda francs and US dollar is largely used. For personal spending in Rwanda, you are encouraged to have your money exchanged in the local currency. Credit card services from nearby ATM machines within town use visa ATM card that can be got from some of the banks.

Obtaining travel visa

Travel visa is of the important travel requirements that allows visitors to enter the country, and in order for you to obtain your travel visa, apply via online with the Rwanda immigration or visit the nearest Rwanda Embassy in your country. However, take note of the mutual agreements that some citizens have with Rwanda because they may not carry the visa for given agreed time. Remember you won’t be in position to have access to visa at the point of entry apart from those visitors who come from the exempted countries. However, you can also get the tourist visa and you will still enter Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. To apply for this type of visa, visit East African visa Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania or East African Tourist Visa. The tourist visa may cost you about US$50.

Safety and security in Rwanda

Safety is the most crucial factors in any destination. Rwanda is safe and secure for you to travel to for your gorilla trek or wildlife safari. for unknown places you are encouraged to take personal safety by following the safety and security measures that will be available to notify you on travel times in certain areas and take note of advice given on certain areas not to be visited as one person in particular time.

Your health status

Your health matters are very important to take note of while on a safari to Rwanda. You need to be free from any of illnesses to be allowed to track gorillas. These endangered species are very susceptible to human infectious diseases. You are advised to follow the gorilla trekking rules and regulations. You are also encouraged to take immunization before getting into Rwanda and a yellow fever card is needed at border crossing.
Do not get some things especially the street food, salads apart from the ones in the up market. If you are unable to peel something, you are encouraged not to eat that item.

Internet access

This is very important for tourists in destination, and for Rwanda you can get internet services from widely spread internet cafes within the cities or any big towns in Rwanda. Currently most of the hotels, lodges, guest houses offer Wi Fi services and you can use it freely. You can also buy your data especially when you are using a smart phone and in case you have a laptop, you can also get 3 or 4G USD dongle and you can get this from MTN or Airtel or USB dongle for Rwanda where there is no connection to wireless.

Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda has a lot to offer for you to enjoy including incredible a range of wildlife species, diversity of culture. While on safari to Rwanda, don’t miss to catch a glimpse of rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and several primates in Volcanoes National Park.

Tipping advice

Tipping a person for the person for the particular service rendered is one way to support them and by so doing, you would have impacted on the lives of many in a destination. Your endeavors to tip staff workers in service delivery during gorilla adventure, game drive, chimpanzee experiences or any tourist activity in these destinations are highly appreciated. You as an individual may not see the positive impact that you would have created but the feeling within beneficiaries can be one of the amazing things in their lives. Tipping is not intended to drain all what is in your pocket but you can give what you feel you can afford.

Mobile use

Rwanda has the best cell phone network that is concentrated around the country and you are free also to travel with your unlocked cell phone then buy. For less inconvenience in Rwanda, simcards can be got from remote towns and you can either buy or rent cell phones from the main shops and the mobile phones within Kigali. The amazing thing is that, if you come with smart phones, iphones make sure that you get the local simcards to use.

In conclusion, the travel advice and tips are important for you as they guide you as you plan your safari to Rwanda. Follow the above tips and you have the most enjoyable safari in Rwanda’s most stunning protected areas.