Rwanda Safaris

Planning to watch a group of habituated mountain gorillas unclose in their natural habitant, a Rwanda safari holiday is just the vacation for you. Rwanda offers various holiday packages tailored to include other beautiful attractions like chimpazee tracking, wildlife viewing, genocide memorial sites visit, community tours in rural Rwanda, hiking and bikking in the beautiful county side.

Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park is home to more that 15 gorilla families, but only 10 gorilla groups are available for trekking by guests. Trekking to the gorillas is typically graded into simple hikes, moderate and tough hikes which are usually further into the mountains. All visits get to decide which level to hike depending on physical fitness and interest. Mountain gorillas typically live in families of 10 – 30 members headed by a head silverback gorilla.

Look through some gorilla trip ideas to Rwanda and feel free to send us and email to tailor you a perfect plan for your friends and family.

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