Congo Safaris

A Congo safari introduces visitors to a beautiful country much left out by many Africa tourists because of the uncertainty of safety. Congo is one of Africa’s tourism diverse country with so much to offer travelers. Today, Congo is a very safe country to visit, with most of our visitors crossing into Congo via Rwanda to visit the Eastern part of the country and drive back into Rwanda.
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Why we love Democratic Republic of Congo

Hosting the largest part of the Virunga conservation region, Congo offers diverse tourism attractions starting from gorilla trekking in Virunga national park, one can also opt for lowland gorilla tours in Kahuzi Biega national park all in Congo.
Virunga national park offers a total number of 6 habituated gorilla groups, and with fewer tourists traveling to Congo for gorilla tracking, those who manage to make it enjoy watching gorilla families almost solo with your own gorilla family.

Congo hosts the world’s most active lava lake with guided tours to Hike to the top of mount Nyiragongo Volcano to go see the molten red-hot lava. Nyiragongo hiking tours are organized daily departing from Gisenyi through Goma to Kibatsi post station where hikes start off

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